Define Your Content 101: Social Media Marketing Tips

My work office as an advertiser/marketer for my internship, summer 2014!

My work office as an advertiser/marketer for my internship, summer 2014!

Become an expertise!

Content is everywhere…especially social media. It is no wonder that corporations are using social media to create their own content. They do this in order to keep its audience’s attention. These strategies are key because “they provide channels that connect audiences with similar interests, thus enabling dialogue where meaningful relationships can be forged” (Luttrell 83). Well, what does this content do exactly?

1. It builds long-lasting relationships

2. It increases a company’s social influences

3.  It improves search engine optimization

This can be done through blogs, podcasting, Internet radio, and Wikis.

According to Adriana Lopez at Forbes, businesses are missing out on blogging, the most valuable social media platform, because it has previously been known for its personal use with online diaries. Only 16% of consumers actually trust corporate blogs (Luttrell 85). One company in particular has been the leader in corporate blogging. Bond Public Relations & Brand Strategy is in New Orleans and have only recently added social media as a service, which has acquired them new clientele and business inquiries. The social media blogger, Suzette Lake, offers the following tips.

1. Know the benefits of social media

  • Free advertising if a post goes viral
  • Virtual sample of services offered
  • Create familiarity with brand

2. Commit to up keeping of blog

  • Remember it is time consuming and expensive. Hire a social media manager to maintain the blog

3. Schedule posts

  • Posts must be consistent and posted often to engage readers and drive in new visitors

4. Promote your blog!

  • Personal accounts and company Facebook and Twitter accounts will do

5. Update posts!

  • Three words: relevant, interesting, fun (Lopez 2014)

Always know your platform (every platform you need to know as a marketer)!

1. Facebook

  • Audience – everyone
  • Share – all types of content, ads, events
  • Post Frequency – 1-2 daily

2. Twitter

  • Audience – everyone
  • Share – interact with brands and customers
  • Post Frequency – many times a day

3. Instagram

  • Audience – brands (luxury, food, fashion, etc)
  • Share – visual content, videos
  • Post Frequency – once a day

4. LinkedIn

  • Audience – businesses
  • Share – company research, job listings
  • Post Frequency – 2-4/week

5. Google+

  • Audience – brands, businesses, bloggers
  • Share – use hashtags
  • Post Frequency – 1-2/day

6. Youtube

  • Audience – brands, advertisers, anyone with video content
  • Share – < 1 minute video
  • Post Frequency – 1-2/week

7. Pinterest

  • Audience – DIY, fashion, food, design, travel, females
  • Share – visual content
  • Post Frequency – many times a day

8. Foursquare

  • Audience – businesses, reviewers, bloggers,
  • Share – location-cased search/reviews
  • Post Frequency – before business opens, when info changes, weekly

If the purpose of blogging is to start a conversation and have two-way interaction between customers and companies, why don’t more companies use them? You can add pictures, videos, links, surveys and more. I think that how Starbucks made their blog into a place where people can share ideas and come up with new drinks for the menu is a good way to get people talking and to show that the company takes an interest in what its customers actually have to say. Blogs are an easy way to self promote and increase customer base if a company just keeps up with posting and makes sure it is engaged with the customer. Remember: even negative posts are helpful! Show off your customer service skills! (Luttrell 86).

I used to maintain a blog on Tumblr, but it never really had any focus. I would just reblog things that I liked or quotes/pictures that appealed to me. I really never gained any followers because it was difficult to keep up with posting often. I also found this to be an issue when I created an Instagram account for my dog over the summer. My friend at work and I, and then later, my boyfriend, had a contest as to who could get the most followers. To first create a fanbase, I liked other dog accounts and liked their pictures. Most would follow me back. I started posting about 3 to 4 pictures a day, just to establish myself and get likes. I noticed not many people would follow me if I looked like a new account with just a few pictures. The more I established myself, the more trustworthy I guess I seemed, so the more users followed me on their own without me having to follow their account. I now have over 850 followers, and every day I gain new followers even if I do not post. I have gotten pretty bad with updating it now that the school year started and got busier. I think to enhance the account and maintain followers, I need to not only post daily again, but also up my game with not just pictures, but videos too. Hashtags and creative captions I found are necessities if you want to engage followers and start a conversation. I’ll even promote here on this blog, since blogging is for that exact purpose!! Follow golden_thechester and aussie_nero_ for adorable pictures of golden retrievers and mini Australian shepherds!!

My personal dog account "blog" for my dog, Chester.

My personal dog account “blog” for my dog, Chester.

My boyfriend's personal dog "blog" account

My boyfriend’s personal dog “blog” account

As for Internet radio, Wikis, and podcasts, I think that these are great alternatives to blogging, but that blogging is still better with accomplishing engagement and traffic. Internet radio is free, which is a plus! However, I think customers would want a faster way of obtaining information than calling in to these talk shows and getting advice or questions answered. That brings me to Wikis, which are awesome to search for and find out information about a company, brand, product, etc rather quickly. I find myself looking at Wikis all of the time and the great thing about this is…it’s uncensored so you will find real customer reviews and experiences, which are more helpful to the consumer when researching products to buy. I believe that podcasts are not quite as popular because I think people tend to like visuals with audio more because it is more in capturing and holds attention better. I was shocked to read the statistics that 1 in 6 Americans listen to podcasts regularly. Podcasts take the place of radio ads, but I still think that it is better to relay a brand or product message using a visual with audio, so this might not be the best route to take (Luttrell 91-95).


1. Why do you think so many consumers do not really trust corporate blogs?

2. As a consumer, how would you most often like to get information: Wikis, podcasts, or Internet radio?

3. Visuals or audio, or both? Why?

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2 thoughts on “Define Your Content 101: Social Media Marketing Tips

  1. As you said, I think that working blogs could benefit both companies and consumers. However, I feel that blogs aren’t that popular because it requires time – time to read, time to comment and time to maintain (on the publisher’s side). As we all know, consumers, especially young consumers, have a short attention span. The social media sites that you outlined in your blog all serve for a particular purpose and can be successful if implemented appropriately. I think Wikis appeal to consumers because it offers a simplified summary of a brand, person, company, etc. I, myself, don’t listen to Podcasts/any form of audio because I quite frankly don’t have the time and am not attracted enough to find time to listen to any. I know video draws in viewers because they’re eye-catching.


  2. Let me start off by saying I think both you and your boyfriend have ADORABLE dogs! I have a pure breed German Shepard back home, but i don’t think I’d have enough pictures or motivation to make him his own Instagram account, LOL.

    As you stated within this post, a “follow” requires someone to seem trustworthy and invested in the account in which they wish to accumulate a fan base. I think that consumers are not drawn to corporate blogs because their intentions are clear, to influence or push their product, whether a service or physical good, on the viewer. Aside from a truly invested costumer, who wants some what of an advertisement on a place that is meant for release? I personally hate when ads pop up on my newsfeeds. At this point however, I am more than used to seeing the promotion of products on EVERY social networking site… I understand, they have to make their money too.

    As a consumer I enjoy receiving information in a variety of ways, it depends on what the content is. As far as news and facts, I’m not sure Wikis are the most reliable source, while podcasts probably aren’t the best forum for business platforms. Visuals are probably most preferred by society in general, nowadays we have commercials that rely strictly on visuals to tell a story or share information. However, given the choice of both, visual and audio are equally important. Each relies on each other in a strong sense.


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